PHP (pro-nounced: Fup)
Hi. What does PHP stand for???? I know waht the first P is. I would like to have some shared codes please. Can you also tell me how to find my server? With PHP attached to it? Thank you for your time. Also...why doesn't the above code work?

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An ISO standard country name drop down list for HTML form
Hello Guys, recently i got a small post in my codeigniter wiki page( about a ISO standard country code. Actually, before this i'd not any idea about such type of thing. In-fact i can remember in my first "create account" form i'd…

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10 best PHP & MySQL based tutorials for web developers
Making an AJAX Web Chat by PHP and MySQL When discussing real time communication, there aren?t many solutions that can rival the power of a simple webchat. Here is a nice script for this which use AJAX,PHP & MySQL to build it. Demo:…

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Sign up forum
country list in my signup form is not connected with mysql can i do that? how to validate username (if it is already taken or no) my website

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MY sql
how many data can be stored in a mysql database? and how to find similar entries on database and then output it to webpage(entries about products)

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How to convert all your url of your text to link automatically in PHP
Hey Guys, Here is PHP function which i've written for converting all urls of any text to links automatically. It's use javascript to open the link in new window rather than our old target="_blank" technique. So, there will be no XHTML validation problems…

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PHP Simple Variables and Functions
In this video, we look at how to use variables and functions in PHP to display dynamic content in your pages. Learn more at

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Configure a web server with PHP, MySQL, and Apache
In this screencast, TechRepublic member Jaqui uses the Enlightenment version 0.16.8 (E16) window manager to show you how easy it is to get PHP, MySQL, and Apache working with the Mandriva Control Center to configure a web server and enable remote administration.

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How to build dynamic websites
Here are some very useful lectures(videos) from of David J. Malan. He is a Lecturer on Computer Science at Harvard College for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He has given a series of lectures on "Building Dynamic Websites". In these…

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10 useful wordpress tutorials for wordpress developers
The Ultimate Guide to WordPress 3.0 Comment Form Customization With the release of WordPress 3.0, a new function is given to us to use. comment_form() will display the comment form on any given page with ease. In this article "Kevin Stanley" will explain…

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