Quantum Levitation
Video courtesy of Association of Science - Technology Centers (ASTC), representing the science centre and museum field worldwide. To learn more, visit http://www.astc.org/. Follow us on Twitter: @ScienceCenters. Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors…

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BMW i. Born Electric. The BMW i3 Concept & BMW i8 Concept
BMW just unveiled the it's i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept. BMW i stands for visionary vehicles and mobility services, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is strongly defined by sustainability. With BMW i the BMW Group is adopting…

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Electric Car Driven by Rare Earth Metal-Free Motor
Professor Nobukazu Hoshi's Lab from the Tokyo University of Science has developed an electric car that doesn?t require any kind of rare earths. In the following video professor explains the technology behind the motor and points out there is room for…

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Researchers Create Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery
Stanford researchers have invented a transparent lithium-ion battery that is also highly flexible. It is comparable in cost to regular batteries on the market today, with great potential for applications in consumer electronics. Related article: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2011/july/transparent-litiumion-battery-072511.html…

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Toyota Window to the world - multimedia system
Imagine when a journey from A to B is no longer routine as your car in the near-future encourages a sense of play, exploration and learning. This is the image engineers and designers from Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction…

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This is a cellphone video of M3i's Laser Pitch Detection- and Tension Sensing technologies. It shows the construction of a multitrack recording using our prototype guitar and Logic, nothing else. With our patented technology we achieve virtually no latency…

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Students Create 'JediBot'
Stanford students have created robots that can battle with 'light sabers" against humans as part of a hands-on course in experimental robotics. Related article: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2011/july/robot-class-projects-070511.html Stanford University:…

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Termes Project: Adaptive Staircase
Autonomous construction of a staircase to scale a cliff of unknown height. The termes robot (kali) detects unclimbable surfaces and uses previous experience to determine the next building sequence. The robot does this using only on-board IR range/pattern…

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Future of air travel - Airbus unveils the transparent plane - 2050 (SUBI. PILOT)
Airbus has unveiled a futuristic concept for a transparent plane that may be everyday air transport in 2050. With its see-through aircraft cabin, passengers of the future will get a window on the world as they fly through the sky. They will be able to…

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The new see-through plane of the future
Charlie Champion reveals the Airbus plane of the future read more... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/8572397/Plane-of-the-future-means-bedtime-stories-from-30000-feet.html

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