How to Make a Multitouch Table - MTbiggie

The bigger brother of the MTmini, the Multitouch Biggie (MTbiggie) is a low-cost multitouch solution using:

- 2 chairs

- acrylic sheet

- paper

- projector

- mirror

- infrared camera (you can make one from a normal webcam)

- computer

Shadows on the surface are tracked and sent to multitouch applications as touch positions. This technique is known as "front diffused illumination".

While this isn't the most robust and stable multitouch solution, it is a general introduction to the technology.

For more information and software downloads see:

You can make your own infrared camera using a normal webcam and photo negatives (video here):

Video by Seth Sandler and Cyrus Ortiz-Luis

Music is "Good Day" by Triplefox

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