ThePhig, an Open Source PHP image Gallery

ThePhig is an OpenSource php script created around the basis that creating an album of images should be as easy as uploading a directory of images.  It requires PHP5.2+, GD Library and MySQL database.

ThePhig Open source PHP image gallery

ThePhig supports the following features to help achieve this.

* Automatic thumbnail creation of images

* Easily customizable with CSS

* OpenSource allows for the modification of the underlying code if needed

* A password protected administration panel for modifying many of the settings of the gallery (such as name of the gallery, image titles, etc)

* The ability to create an album icon directly from the administration panel

* If coorinates exist in the exif data, the ability to have the images in an album mapped out for you

* Easy to implement into an existing website

* Currently supporting three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded

View the Demo:

Developed by Ryan Reed; ThePhig is available for download under GNU General Public License.. 

More info & Download:

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